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General Information

The AWO SPI (Institute for Social Pedagogic) Soziale Stadt und Land Entwicklung follows the aims of the German workers’ welfare association. By doing so, it is trying to shape and develop a society in which every human being is able to deploy oneself, but always regarding the responsibility for our society. At the same time, the AWO SPI gGmbH is orientating itself on the living environment of the citizens and in its social welfare it is especially helping people to help themselves.

Main function of the AWO SPI gGmbh is the active participation in solving social problems (relating to the district) in a national and international context. Another task is the advancement of theory and practice of social work and the training and advancement of practitioners. Furthermore, the AWO SPI gGmbH promotes the international understanding and democracy in our society.

The AWO SPI gGmbH is a non-profit making, acknowledged, operational company which is a carrier of an own practical experience according to the contract of association. Neither from proprietors, nor from other public or private sides does the AWO SPI gGmbH get institutional promotion. All of the company’s charges have to be covered by its earnings (reimbursement of expense, grants, fee agreements, effort agreements and donation)

Founded in 2000 in Magdeburg, the AWO SPI gGmbh is a corporative actor of the AWO Landesverband Sachsen-Anhalt e. V..

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